Brijonnay Madrigal

hw-ethogram-recording-in-the-field-brijonnay-m I am excited to join the Vertebrate Ecology lab as a new student this year! In Spring 2016, I graduated from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa with a B.S. in Marine Biology and a B.A. in Communication. My passion lies in marine mammal acoustics and the communication and behavioral function of vocalizations.

As an undergraduate, I was selected as a NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship recipient. Through this program, I completed a research internship at the NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center, where I determined sperm whale abundance using passive acoustic data. I have since been involved in field studies, volunteer opportunities and internships to study and learn various aspects of cetacean acoustics, behavior, husbandry and psychology in Hawai’i, Florida and Puerto Rico. I served as a research assistant for a project conducted in collaboration with both the U.S. Navy and the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology Marine Mammal Research Program, to assess dolphin presence through whistle detection at sonar detonation sites. Currently, I am employed with the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center as a research assistant on a rockfish acoustics project.

My master’s thesis will be focused primarily on marine mammal call classification. One component of my project will be a data analysis of passive acoustic data (provided by the NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center) of killer whales from the Bering and Chukchi Sea. I will be formulating a vocal catalog of call types at these sites